Industry Cost of Workers Comp (per $100 of payroll) Annual Cost for Employee earning $40,000
Roofing $21.29 $8,516
Framers $19.40 $7,760
Painter $12.63 $5,052
Interior Trim Carpenter $11.11 $4,444
Drywall $8.61 $3,444
Jewelry Store $0.83 $334
Banker $0.30 $120
Accountant $0.17 $69

In general, Workers’ compensation insurance costs are based on industry. The riskier the job, the higher the rate. At PEOpaygo, not only do we have a 96% client approval ratio but we clearly understand what your workers compensation needs are. Click here to see what your rate is. Rates will also vary by state, so be sure to check out our state by state guide, click here.

The Bottom Line – FICA Tax

Whether you have just hired your first employee or you’ve had employees for a while, keeping up with new hire requirements can be overwhelming. One component of these requirements is that you adhere to and pay all necessary payroll taxes like FICA Tax. PEOpaygo is able to handle your full payroll needs, which includes setting up employees, calculating paychecks, and calculating all of the payroll taxes we have discussed in this article. Call us today at 1-800-355-7741 speak to a live agent who can answer any questions you have.