So why is it that we can find you coverage and your agent can’t. The answer is simple and can be said in one word, “Risk”. This is the deciding and main factor insurance carriers use to approve or decline your company.

So why is the risk so important besides the obvious reasons you may think of? Allow us to explain.
Your agent’s relationship with the carriers vs. ours:

This is your agents relationship with the carriers vs. Ours:

Your agent vs PEO Pay Go

  • Assume client financial risk
  • Earns commissions regardless of their client claims
  • $125,000 to $750,000 Claims Deductible if client claims
  • Provides risk management
  • Provides human resource services
  • Has pre-approved codes for instant approvals
  • Exclusive Pay-As-You-Go Programs
  • High Risk- High MOD Score Programs

Your Agent


As you can see from the table above, PEOPAYGO shares in the “Risk” with the carrier allowing us enormous buying power and leverage far beyond your agent’s reach. This will enable us to secure you the proper Workers Compensation coverage your company needs to obey the laws set by your state.

It’s in our best interest to make sure we provide any and all services, including payroll, human resources, risk management, and, most importantly, Workers Compensation.

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