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Streamline your payroll: embrace a new era of efficiency.

Payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses, big and small.

Stressed about payroll? simplify it with ease!

You can rely on hassle-free payments through direct deposits as we handle all your tax calculations and filing with just a few clicks.

Your employees can complete their payroll forms easily through self-onboarding, without the need for you to enter any sensitive tax or banking information.


Instantly convert your timesheets into hours and wages in payroll.

W-2s and

Your new hire reporting is submitted automatically, and we also file and distribute W-2s and 1099s on your behalf.

Direct Deposit &
printable checks

Have your employees paid by direct deposit or printable checks.

Text message

Employees can join your company with just one text message thanks to our mobile-friendly onboarding platform.

Quick setup payroll platform

With PEOPayGo, you have the option to manage your payroll yourself with our expert team verifying information for accuracy or let us handle the entire process for you without any hassle.
If you opt to run your own payroll, here's how it works:
Log in to your dashboard.
Select your pay period.
Enter employee hours, bonuses, reimbursements, comissions, or interim pay.
Review and submit your payroll.
** Note: payroll should be run at least 2 days prior to the check date
Auto Payroll feature will be available as well for salary employees.
If you choose to have our expert team handle your payroll, here's what you can expect:
Submit employee hours via your Employer Dashboard, our website, or our mobile app.
Our team will process and submit your payroll for you, ensuring that it is completed 2 days before the check date.
We will send you an email with your invoice and payroll confirmation.

Payroll compliance

Managing a business can be an overwhelming task, especially with constantly changing regulations that make compliance more complex. However, our platform can help reduce the stress of payroll by taking care of most, if not all, of the work for you, including automatic tax calculations, filings, and other related tasks.
Taxes & Filing
At PEOPayGo, we assist small and mid-sized businesses with tax filing and compliance to ensure they remain compliant with applicable laws and avoid costly penalties. Our services enable our clients to focus on growing their business without worrying about compliance issues.
Get unlimited access to our team
We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest business regulations and trends. Whether it's about contractor payouts or time off policies, our team is here to support your company. You can reach us via email or phone during our operating hours. Have questions? Talk to us now!
What do our customers say?

Payroll is the process of calculating employee pay and making any tax or benefit  deductions before processing their payments.

An automated payroll system has several benefits, including increased accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With PeoPayGo’s automated payroll system, businesses can avoid errors and delays that come with manual processing. Our system automates tax calculations, filings, and other payroll-related tasks, saving time and money for our clients. Additionally, our platform provides real-time access to payroll data and reports, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and stay in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Overall, an automated payroll system simplifies payroll processing and streamlines operations for businesses of all  sizes.

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of HR operations. It affects employees’ financial stability as they rely on their paychecks to fund different expenses.

Payroll deductions are withheld wages from total employee earnings used to pay for taxes, insurance premiums, and other benefits.

The taxes that need to be paid with every payroll run to maintain compliance with state regulations vary depending on the state. However, common taxes that businesses must pay with each payroll run include federal income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax. Additionally, some states require businesses to pay state income tax and unemployment tax. It is essential to stay up to date with your state’s tax laws and regulations to ensure that you are compliant and avoid penalties. At PeoPayGo, we help our clients manage payroll taxes and stay in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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