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Protect yourself and your team from job-related injuries or illnesses with workers' compensation. It's not only safety critical, but it is mandated in most states – ensuring peace of mind when performing everyday duties.

How does it work?

PEOPayGo offers customized programs to companies of all sizes, without traditional policy restrictions. From small owner-operator businesses with a $500-a-week payroll to larger corporations with high claims, our Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation program is popular. With us, businesses can pay only for what they use, making HR management and workers’ compensation more affordable and accessible.

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Workers' compensation safeguards both you and your employees in the event of a job-related injury or illness, and it can help pay for:

Medical expenses

Covers medical expenses, ensuring that employees won’t be left to shoulder their financial burden alone.

Permanent injury

Provides employees with vital benefits if they suffer an injury that prevents them from continuing their working life.

Lost wages

Enables employees to take the necessary time for a full recovery, providing them with assurance that they can return to their job feeling safe and secure.

Employers liability

Provides essential protection for employers, ensuring that liabilities related to workplace injuries and illnesses can be met.


Provides a major support system to help ensure displaced workers are equipped with the skills they need for successful reentry into the workforce.

Survivor benefits

Offers a valuable lifeline to families struggling with the tragedy of unexpected loss.

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Flexible workers comp

No audits, no hassles, no cancellation fees.

PEOPayGo offers the easiest and most flexible workers compensation program. There are no hassles or headaches. You can get started right away and change your mind at any time.

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Worker’s Compensation is an insurance policy designed to protect employers and employees from financial loss due to workplace accidents, deaths, or other incidents from a work-related cause. It helps them offset some or all the costs of treatment, lawsuits, and other damages.

Employers pay for Worker’s Compensation benefits to provide the necessary coverage per their state’s laws, business size, workplace environment, hazards, number of employees, and other relevant factors.

To file a worker’s compensation claim, you’ll need to gather information, such as injury or illness sustained by the victim, absent days, medical costs, etc. You’ll also need to provide your company’s information, including account number, location, policy number, and more. With a worker’s compensation app, you can proactively add all mandatory info and store it whenever needed.

Nearly every US state requires businesses to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance, except sole proprietors, self-employed professionals, and independent contractors.

App-based Worker’s Compensation management offers a host of benefits to employers, from improved visibility related to HR processes, real-time reporting, and automated claim processing, to name a few. A Worker’s Compensation app also improves HR compliance by digitalizing and centralizing all relevant information and processes.

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