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Seven Construction Related Work Injuries

Work injuries are among the leading causes of disability in construction-related occupations, which is why it’s essential for employers to comprehend the dangers associated with these types of jobs. 

This blog post explores seven of the most commonly encountered work injuries that may occur in a construction setting, including falls and overexertion.

By understanding how such incidents can be prevented, business owners will not only create a safer workplace, but also reduce their downtime costs caused by employee recovery time from injury or illness as well.

Picture the crazy scenarios in the following story, that actually happen in everyday life situations—especially when you are on a construction site…

It has been a busy day for the construction team. Building a new office complex was no easy feat, and they were doing their best to get it done as quickly as possible. Everyone was pushing themselves to the limit, but in the rush of things, safety sometimes got overlooked.

The first injury occurred when one worker slipped while carrying some tools up a ladder and fell onto his back. He managed to escape with only minor scrapes, but it still hurt like heck! 

Next was an incident involving power tools; one team member accidentally cut himself while using an electric saw and ended up needing stitches. Luckily, he escaped with just three little ones along his arm!


Thirdly, came another tool-related mishap; this time someone dropped a hammer on their foot – ouch! They had bruised toes for days after that one! 

Fourth on the list of unfortunate incidents happened when a nail gun malfunctioned and shot out multiple nails at once; luckily none of them hit anyone directly, but they did cause quite an uproar among everyone present. 

Fifthly, we have another slip-up (literally!) – this time somebody stepped off their ladder too soon and tumbled right down into some wet cement – not fun at all…but thankfully they emerged unscathed aside from being covered head to toe in gray sludge!  

 Sixth was probably the weirdest accident of them all: A piece of metal that had been sitting atop scaffolding suddenly gave way without warning, sending it plummeting straight towards one unlucky individual’s head…fortunately he managed to duck just in time or else who knows what could’ve happened?!  

 Lastly there was yet another tool related problem; this time someone managed to jam their drill bit into wood so tightly that it simply couldn’t be removed no matter how hard they tried – eventually they opted for plan B which involved chiseling around it until finally managing to free the poor thing from its wooden prison cell! 

 All in all, these construction-related work injuries taught us an important lesson: always remember safety first even if you’re feeling pressed for time! This is why construction workers would greatly benefit from having workers compensation.

The following are seven common construction injuries that will help you consider getting workers comp insurance coverage sooner rather than later.

1. Falling On the Construction Job Site

Falling on a construction job site: it’s not just something out of a cartoon. While contractors may not always abide by Florida’s workers comp laws, trust us when we say that the last thing you want to find yourself doing is rolling down a ladder or tumbling through the air. 




It can happen so quickly and without warning—one second you’re secure in your work, and suddenly, you’re coming crashing to the ground. 




The contractors may view those exempted from workers comp regulations under certain circumstances as “lucky”. However, life isn’t always about having luck on your side – unfortunately for some contractors and their laborers, falling on a construction job site becomes way more than an amusing anecdote!

2. Power Tool Accidents on Construction Sites

Working in construction can be hazardous business, what with the volatile combination of contractors, power tools and deadlines. 




Power tools are one of the many work tools that make construction work easier and faster, but like any tool, it can be a hazard. 




Although power tools offer efficiency in work, they also come with a certain level of danger. These work related injuries resulting from power tool misuse or mishandling can easily result in claims for Workers Comp, so it pays to be extra safe when using them. 




While operating fiery saws and heavy-duty drills, you may feel like you’re the star of an action movie, but practice due diligence when working with construction power tools — overtime these injuries can add up!




While contractors would love to finish the job quicker and workers would love to go home sooner, one thing is certain—we all need to make sure that proper safety protocols are followed on construction sites.





After all, no amount of eagerness for another paycheck or day-off is worth the risk of a power tool accident, not to mention its associated cost – whether it be in terms of lost work hours due to injury or extra fees incurred after hiring a Florida workers comp lawyer. The key takeaway here? Be safe out there, contractors!

3. Electrocution Incidents on Construction Sites

For most construction projects, preventing work-related injuries is a top priority. However, the risk of on-site electrocution incidents is ever present. This makes investing in workers’ comp coverage to make sure your employees are taken care of if something does happen an absolute must. 




By having necessary work comp coverage in place, you can rest easy knowing that should any of your hardworking team be injured as a result of an electrocution incident on the work site, they will receive the care and compensation they deserve without breaking the bank. 




In other words – don’t take any chances with your employees’ safety when it comes to work-related injuries – get workers comp coverage!

4. Struck by Objects on Construction Sites

If you get injured on the job, having workers comp coverage is an absolute must! Even when working on construction sites and exposed to danger from being struck by objects, employers, and business owners must understand that any injured worker should be provided with coverage. 




Working on any kind of project can be risky business, and work injuries can come from the least expected places. For example, getting struck by a hammer or some heavy  object; always make sure the wayward projectiles are kept far away! 



If you find yourself in such a situation, take a step back, take some deep breaths, and consult a doctor if necessary – and never forget to thank your guardian angel for watching over you. After all, things could have been much worse.




This will not only benefit the injured worker in the short term, but also contribute to workplace safety for all. So, no matter what your profession—getting injured at work should always come with a silver lining of coverage!

5. Accidental Vehicle Injuries on Construction Sites

Construction sites tend to be notoriously dangerous work environments, and the most commonly reported work injuries are those involving vehicles. Being injured on a construction site can be disastrous. Accidental vehicle injuries are one of the main causes of work-related accidents, so workers must stay vigilant. 




Unfortunately, when it comes to accidents like this, the only upshot is that at least there are medical benefits available – like workers compensation in Florida – so that you don’t end up footing the bill for emergency surgery (which is much more expensive than a splint). 




Hopefully your work site has taken measures to reduce these sorts of injuries from happening in the first place since, as we all know, prevention is better than cure!




Still, even the most safety-conscious workers can find themselves in trouble – and when they do, workers comp coverage is essential to pick up the pieces. 




That’s why construction workers should seek out jobs with comprehensive workers comp coverage programs – it could save them from a serious financial headache or even bankruptcy if an accident happens. 




So remember: don’t forget workers comp coverage when you evaluate job prospects!

6. Construction Related Burns

Construction may look simple, but construction related accidents such as burns can be an ever present threat, and should never be taken lightly. 




The risk of construction-related burns is one example of the dangers associated with this activity, and it pays to take every safety precaution possible while working on any project. 




From electrical shock to fire hazards, construction injuries must always be taken seriously and managed safely – no construction related accident should end in a burn! 




Safety should always come first when working with construction-related materials and equipment; you don’t want a project to turn into a painful reminder of what could have been prevented.

7. Building Collapsing Injuries

Picture it: workers pouring concrete or bolting steel at the top of what should become someone’s perfect dream home. But then suddenly, with a crash and a rumble, that dream is shattered as the structure collapses in a heap of rubble. 




It’s an all too common occurrence when workers aren’t provided with workers comp insurance coverage for construction projects.




Without proper construction coverage, workers can be left vulnerable to grave injury or death when accidents occur.




While no amount of money could possibly be enough to make up for the loss of life, workers comp insurance coverage is nevertheless essential for those working in the construction industry.

Why Construction Companies Need Workers Compensation

If you’re a construction company, the last thing you want is your workers getting hurt on the job. Accidents happen, but if they’re injured while working for you, it could cost you big time. That’s why every construction company needs to have workers compensation insurance




If an employee is injured while working, they can get the medical treatment they need and won’t be putting financial strain on your company. 




PEOPAYGO will make sure you get the best possible rate for your workers comp program so that you can keep your business running smoothly – without worrying about what might happen if someone gets hurt on the job.

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